Project Description

The Berg Studios Mastermind groups address the business side of acting. Moderated by Gigi Bermingham – who has years of experience leading career goals groups – actors receive guidance in setting goals as well as support, information, encouragement, and brainstorming to assist in navigating the entertainment industry and to develop individual career paths.

In Mastermind, each actor creates a plan to reach stated goals, generates a monthly task list, checks in weekly with the group by email, and holds classmates and self accountable. Personal experiences and industry information are shared in a safe and confidential environment.  Mastermind participants may be partnered with another student in their group, working in pairs for greater accountability. 

Students who join Mastermind for the first time are assigned to the Beginning to Work group. Those who are further along in their careers may progress to the Ready to Work group at the instructor’s discretion. 

Mastermind groups meet for two hours, one Monday morning per month. Tuition is $35 for students and $60 for non-students. Although billed month-to-monthparticipants are expected to commit to a six-month enrollment.

Here are some reasons to join a Mastermind Group while building your acting business:

Community – You’ll be part of an exclusive community at Berg Studios, supporting one another in the business of acting. Your peers become your confidantes; what is shared in the group remains confidential.

Advisement – Once involved in a Mastermind Group, the feeling of being alone trying to figure out the business will diminish. You’ll have each other’s support.
Collaboration – The group is encouraging and collaborative. Actors receive inspiration from each other’s success. 
Networking – The group creates a brain trust of valuable shared information. Actors extend their networks and share resources.
New Ideas – By interacting and sharing challenges, actors find solutions for each other. You may be surprised to find how valuable your own experiences are to help another in the group.
Think Bigger – Being in a Mastermind group will stretch you beyond present boundaries. You’ll be inspired, encouraged, supported, and held accountable to your stated goals.