Working with Gregory Berger has been a revelation. He has taught me how to investigate text with specificity and how to load up my imagination, trusting that emotion follows when adequately provoked by specific imaging.

– LUPITA NYONG’O, (Academy Award Winner)

“Gregory has helped reconnect me to my imagination as an actor and to my sense of mission as an artist. His method is both rigorous and irreverent, always pushing you to question yourself and your surroundings. By unleashing your innate sense of playfulness, he grounds you in the most active and surprising ways – allowing you to unmask your privacy.”

- RIZ AHMED, (Emmy Award Winner)

Private coaching’s are booked in one hour-long increments, and  are concentrated lessons.

Private coaching is available in person and via skype.


  • Graduate School Auditions
  • Film & TV Auditions
  • Theatre Auditions
  • Sample Work for Agents / Managers

PRICING:   $160 per hour Student / Non-Student

Clients who  request coaching for their auditions to be put to tape.

  • Berg first coaches on the scene(s) and then reads during taping.
  • These takes can be viewed on the monitor during the session.
  • Tapes on your iPhone or Android device, with LED lights, against a neutral background in our sound-safe studio.
  • This is ideal for students looking to take the next step in getting called in / booking roles from their self-tapes


$180 per hour Student / Non-Student

If you are interested in taking Berg’s classes but are too far to travel please fill out this form and we will contact you to set up your session.

  • Audition preparation
  • Individual acting lessons

PRICING: $160 per hour

Role preparation for plays, films and television series.
– Script Analysis
– Creating a Character Arc
– Finding Behavioral Choices

Pricing: $200 per hour

PRIVATE COACHING PAYMENTS Payments for private coaching sessions are to be made by the student/client on or before the date of the session. Charges for late cancellations or noshow appointments for sessions will be charged to the student’s/client’s credit card on file with Berg Studios.

A student/client that has made an appointment for a session may cancel or change the time of the session, provided that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is given. You can make these changes by texting Berg: 3234972106.

Students/clients will be charged for the full cost of the session on any late cancellations (that is, with less than 24 hours’ notice) or noshow appointments.