Acting classes at Berg Studios have been recognized by students throughout Los Angeles, as being both unique in the approach to the development of technique and incredibly valuable. Each class is tailored to a specific experience level, giving each student the opportunity to work from where they are. Classes are structured for individualized attention to ensure that each student gets to work every time they are in class.

Studio Technique I

Our Introduction to Studio Technique classes walk students through fundamental of the studio technique. They are generally taught by one of the studio instructors. Classes concentrate on the key fundamentals of technique, with a special focus on physical expression and imagination. Exercises are introduced in a format that allows students to thoroughly build specificity.​

Studio Technique II

These classes are dedicated to fostering the development of technique by further expanding the actor’s imagination. The structure of this class is a creative learning laboratory that gives students more freedom to apply skills in new ways.

Studio Technique III

These classes focus on pushing the actor into full imaginative release.  It is necessary to first understand the fundamentals of technique to allow the actor to play with bold, imaginative choices inspired by the text and releasing the actor into the world of play.

Studio Technique IV

This class examines the creative process as it is applied on set and in auditions. Students are challenged to simultaneously express themselves in bold and extraordinary ways.​

**Students in the Studio Technique III & IV classes are expected to maintain a high standard of work. If a student does not work consistently at the expected level, they may be asked to move to another class.  There is no tolerance for absences, or lack of preparation, in any class.​



Tuition Rates:

1 Month     |   $280    (On-Going)

3 Month     |   $750    ($90 Discount)

6 Month     |   $1,400 ($280 Discount)

9 Month     |   $1,975 ($545 Discount)

12 Month   |   $2,500 ($860 Discount)

Boot Camp:

A 4-week series of classes on Preparation, Rehearsal, and Performance. This is an introductory course that will teach script analysis, how to rehearse a scene, how to prepare a role, and how to repeat performances. This is a must for any actor looking for a place to start and for veteran actors in need of a refresher!

Boot Camp Tuition: $325 / 4-Week Workshop